6 comments on “Badges and Achievements – Do they have a Point?

  1. Hi Kevin, nice post! I was the author on the second paper you mentioned and you discuss some good points based on it. Generally the participants enjoyed the addition of the game elements to the application, but there were a few issues like you said involving usability, accuracy and cheating. I think achievement systems are interesting additions, but not suitable for all contexts and shouldn’t be a one-size fits all solution (like you find in gamification platforms).

    You should check out this paper as well: http://research.nokia.com/files/MontolaMindTrek09.pdf

    It spurred my interest in looking at achievement systems in non-game contexts. It has some interesting findings, in particular the groups of users they found and their response to the achievement systems.

  2. Hi Zac,

    I’m glad you liked my post and I’ll definitely check out that paper if it aided you in writing your paper and finding inspiration for it.
    And as you say, achievements are indeed an effective tool, but that doesn’t mean they’ll magically work with everything. When applied correctly, however, well, psychology clearly shows just how effective they can be.

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