4 comments on “Video Games – Less for More

    • I had actually already gone over there and read your blog posts as I figured your subject would indeed have gamification elements in them. But thank you for the link.
      If I come across anything I think might be handy for you, I’ll be sure to return the favor.

  1. Hi Erik,

    Not necessarily. A simple example comes from my own experience with them. A game called Dynasty Warriors 7 (a full game, neither casual nor serious, nor a gamified application) also came with PSN (or XBox) trophies. Those games are rather addictive and offer tons of content so I actually managed to scrounge together the massive play time needed to get all achievements. That effectively lengthened the play time of the game by many, many, maaaany hours for little effort as all the programmers had to do was think of some amusing titles, some descriptions and some icons and voila.
    The way achievements work allow them to be used in nearly all contexts, which is why they translate so well to smaller applications and casual games. Their function will just be a bit different. In games like Dynasty Warriors, they add a little incentive while you play it (badges gained by clearing chapters in a normal playthrough) and then lengthen the game after you’ve finished it once or twice. In casual games, achievements are usually just part of the actual game and without them, it would become far less effective or simply too short to bother with. (not always, of course)

    There’s even a game on armorgames.com called Achievement Gained! (I believe that was the title… you’re a little blue elephant, that’s what I remember :p) that’s is completely about achievements, something you could not be able to do with any bigger title.

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