4 comments on “Dynamically Mechanic – The Building Blocks of a Gamified Application

  1. This is a nice way to conceptualise the issues involved in gamification – would be useful to analyse in some detail how this applies to the context you are addressing…

  2. Indeed, I am going to use this framework, among others, to discuss what elements I’m going to use in my case studies. But I’m still in the process of thinking up some ideas for those studies, so I cannot make an actual application of that table just yet.

  3. Exactly so. It’s a useful framework in the early steps of development when trying to figure out what game mechanics can be useful. Moreover, since it isn’t exhaustive, it can be expanded by adding a game mechanic to the table and thinking about which dynamics would be satisfied by it, why, and see if there’s a point in adding it to begin with. Hopefully it will save some work by detecting “mistakes” or “poor choices” early on.

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