5 comments on “Paper Prototype – A Few Collages

  1. Did you think of a device to deploy your application, because to me, it looks like a desktop / tablet application. I saw in your planning that you start researching implementing possibilities this week, does that mean searching a propriate development language or evaluating platforms and a development languages together? Searching your target device, to me, is something you do before making a prototype, or am I wrong?

    • That’s a good question, and I have thought about a target platform. Your observation is correct, it is a desktop application and the reasons for this are twofold:
      1. It is far more convenient for the users to write long posts and solutions using a medium such as a desktop/laptop or perhaps a tablet. Given time (which I doubt I will have) I would make a mobile version that allows users to just browse the application and its content and use the basic functionalities, such as commenting, favoriting, accepting/refusing challenges and the like.
      2. I am very unfamiliar with development for mobile devices and, as this is quite a sizeable application, I will need to stick to where I have experience, which is primarily desktop-related applications.

    • Hey, Joris

      Unfortunately, I’ve been delayed due to sickness and other reasons, but I’ll be posting both the User Evaluation contents and the results later today.

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