3 comments on “User Evaluation – The First Results

  1. “While basic formatting options will be available, none of them will be related to code because the application isn’t specifically targeting computer science.”

    What do you understand when you say basic formatting? Only Bold and Underlined? Just wondering, because I think usability is rather important. When you want to motivate people to use your app, if you don’t it will just be a ‘bad game’?

    Please don’t understand me wrong, you are right that formatting is not so important, but I think usability is 😉

  2. Interesting results!

    Regarding usefulness, you say that one possible solution would be that teachers post challenges and so on. Have you considered to evaluate the app with the HCI members? Specially with Prof. Duval?

    Although it’s important to see that some people is interested in the gamification and others no, I think that it’s a bit difficult to evaluate it… From my point of view, it’s more important to evaluate usability and perceived usefulness of the app core.

    Looking forward to see the final results of the evaluation! 🙂

    • Hi José,

      I’ll be running the application past other members of the department once I have a digital prototype. Time constraints made it quite difficult just to get the results I have now. But I will certainly seek feedback from the rest of the department as the thesis moves along.

      And indeed, the gamification aspect takes some time to evaluate and can certainly not be conveyed decently through a paper prototype since there are a lot of interacting elements, most of which only really accomplish something when they are all present at the same time and ‘en mass’.

      That is why I followed your advice and went with the SUS, leaving the gamification elements only in my personal questions. The SUS will reflect only what they think of the usability.

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