6 comments on “Planning – What will the First Iteration look like?

    • Hi Tim,

      That will depend heavily on how fast/slow I proceed. This is a bit unknown territory for me so I know for a fact I’ll run into delays (hence why the fourth week doesn’t have all that much planned in it). Likely I will be spending the vast majority of time on this project. This is, fortunately, possible due to having few other subjects and barely any other projects. So, whenever possible, it will be upwards of 6-7 hours a day, except for one or two days that might need to be spend going to KULeuven for class or on homework. Over the past 5 days I’ve already done over 28 hours, so it’s safe to say that will be the average weekly workload.

  1. “The main difficulty I foresee is my lack of experience with any type of web application.”
    Then why exactly did you choose to create a web app? Seems like an unreasonable choice. Were there alternatives? Which alternatives? Why still choose the web app?

    • Hi Michiel,

      Because I could not find any good reasons why *not* to do a web application. They are the current trend and are commonly the approach taken in the business. For this thesis to even make any practical sense, I am semi-forced to follow this tendency. The thesis is also meant to be a learning process and I stand to learn more if I step away from a desktop application using Windows Forms and WCF (with which I have extensive knoweldge). So my alternatives were a web application or a desktop application. My first instinct was also to go with familiar territory, but my mentors advised me not to, unless I could find more compelling arguments to what seems to be deemed “an odd choice” for my type of application.

  2. Also eager to see the updates… BTW, will you wait until after March, 10 for evaluations? That seems unnecessarily late to me?

    • Hi professor Duval,

      I will be doing a digital prototype user evaluation either this week or the next, depending on how my planning works out. Indeed, doing another evaluation as late as March would be very late and make any changes as a result of the feedback more difficult than they need be.

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