One comment on “The Application – A First Screenshot

  1. I might be wrong, but I have a feeling you are worried about the amount of work/time you are putting into your digital prototype.

    I hope the effort you put into learning all the tools necessary to create your application is not taken for granted. Although it is not the end-product of your thesis but only a means to do research, an application like this is not a trivial thing to make. I am always advocating with our mentor to not only judge the end result (“the app works”) but also appreciate the process (“I encountered problem X but I solved it!”).

    About the screenshot, I have a small remark. As a person who is not familiair with your application, the screen looks very complicated/cluttered at first glance. If I were to open this on a smartphone, I might be scared my screen would burst at the seams. After taking a longer look I noticed some elements are repetitive, so this made the experience more grokkable, so I guess it’s ok.

    A suggestion I might have (although this is not the easiest thing to implement, sorry) is to use tooltips. For example, you could hide all of the stars in the page, and only make them appear if your mouse/finger is hovering/tapping on the picture/name/rectangle of a person. The good thing is the reduced complexity of the screen. The downside is the user needs to discover that hovering/tapping makes the stars appear. The stars might be an important part of your application but you could also apply this suggestion to other gui elements.

    Another, more simple, suggestion might be to separate some functionality to other screens or use pop-ups.

    Continue the good work :)!

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